How much will 1 bitcoin be worth?

How much will 1 bitcoin be worth in 2024/25? The bitcoin price, which started the time 2019 at around 3500 per bitcoin, soared to well over$8000 this summer. One former crypto unbeliever- turned bitcoin religionist has prognosticated the bitcoin price could hit $80000 to $100000 in the coming 7 – 8 years. Whoa, 2026/2027 is veritably far in the future. It's to guess the price of a commodity as unpredictable and as chaotic as Bitcoin.
I see several possible scripts
Bitcoin is no longer the number 1 cryptocurrency. Its price is a commodity like 1 – 5k. The trade volume is low. It's really like gold, used only for keeping some plutocrats “ safe ”, but not for everyday deals.
Bitcoin is still number 1 or number 2. It's used for everyday deals.

First, know the Life Of Bitcoin 

1. $1000.00
 Bitcoin was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The transactions take place between users directly peer-to-peer and do not require an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called blockchain.
 2. $50,000.00
 In 2014, the value of a single bitcoin exceeded $1000 for the first time. In November 2017, the value of a bitcoin reached its highest point ever at over $19,000. As of February 2018, the price per bitcoin is around $8500.
 3. $100,000.00
 By 2021, the market capitalization of the entire crypto space could reach $1 trillion. By 2023, the market cap of the crypto space could exceed $10 trillion.
 4. $200,000.00
 Bitcoin's total supply is capped at 29 million coins. When the last coin is mined, the limit will no longer apply. At that time, the maximum number of bitcoins that will exist is just under 100 billion.
 5. $300,000.00
 The value of a single bitcoin hit $30,000 in September 2022. That means if you bought $300,000 worth of bitcoins back then, you would now own about 2.2% of all existing bitcoins.
 6. $400,000.00
 If you had invested $400,000 in bitcoins back in 2013, you would have earned about $1.5 million. If you were able to hold onto those bitcoins until today, they would be worth about $11.9 million.
 7. $500,000.00
 A single bitcoin cost $500 in 2010. Today, it costs about $19,578. So if you had purchased $500,000 worth of bitcoins in 2010, you would now own over 19,578 bitcoins.

Bitcoin is 1 – 2k. The trade volume is low.
well, nothing can determine this answer. However, we would each be rich 10 times;)
If we could. Still, I would have bought 10, 000 bitcoins for 800(, If I knew in July of 2010 that each bitcoin would be worth 3500 moment.08 per bitcoin), I'd have 35 million right now. Unfortunately, I did not know, and not numerous other people knew moreover.

Its request value is 60bn@ $3600 each right now with about 15.5 m in circulation. However, indeed with 16, If it were to reach 600bn.5 m in rotation by also, they would be worth around $6000 each. That's if mainstream relinquishment becomes more potent than it is. That is just me throwing figures. I'll let your imagination run wild.
The bitcoin price, which started the time 2019 at around $3500 per bitcoin, soared to well over $4000 this summer. One former crypto unbeliever- turned bitcoin religionist has prognosticated the bitcoin price could hit $6000 to $8000 in the coming 7 – 8 times.
Most probably$-$ per Bitcoin depending on how bad the crash is with Fiat plutocrat.

We've public currency edicts like the rupee, yuan, rand, and ruble that will end up like the bolivar because there is no real value behind them. People in those countries will have to store value in commodities other than published paper and gold is delicate to move.
Everyone is taking plutocrats out of the US out of the stock request at a rapid-fire pace. The S&P only going up has to have a reset at SOME point and it’s presumably soon. Again, people will need to store value in an asset that can’t be manipulated and controlled by central bankers. Bitcoin has been the loftiest performing asset in the last decade, anyhow of this yo-yo price hype from last time.

There's also a casing bubble in every Western country. People have had to store the utmost of their wealth in casing just to have a place to live or to invest in commodities to neutralize affectation. When that eventually bursts, people will move their plutocrats into Bitcoin to store value.
The Euro and Pound are going to be floundering to show value coming time after the Brexit mess is eventually sorted out. The Greece bailout from times ago has still left a lot of countries with a huge debt to the EU, hence Italy wants their currency the Euro devaluated.

How much will 1 bitcoin be worth in 2024/25

also, there's the US bone
that has doubled its debt cargo in the last 10 times a whopping$ 10 trillion to buy effects their government can’t go.
Principally the 200 trillion global debt cargo will ultimately have to have some type of result and it's most likely going to be unattractive for the poor and uncomfortable for the rich.

People would typically store their value in precious essences like gold, still, the mining of gold and its value has been declining over the last many times.
By 2026 the scaling debate for bitcoin will formerly have been answered with a 3rd subcase result or side chain so that payments are easy. There are formerly 2nd layers like Litecoin to speed up deals but everyone knows it has to be indeed hastily.

Plus its decentralized nature will allow people to distribute without the need for bankers' figures and other delightful effects they’ve done to stink the value out of public currencies.
bitcoin will be trading around$ 60k at the end of 2022 because I am awaiting the bulls to step in around June, or July to take the price of Bitcoin over.

Conclusion 2023, Bitcoin will clear an all-time high and should be trading at around 80k to$ 90k before the end of 2023.
In 2025, the bears might step in to return the price of bitcoin to a support zone because, in 2024, I am awaiting a repeated circle of bulls taking the price of bitcoin to the moon due to the bitcoin halving that happens every 4 times.

Just like in 2021 where we endured the ATH of major coins being cleared, we are going to see a reprise of history in 2024.

In 2030, if Bitcoin is what it claims to be it should be trading at around$ 250k or advanced because by that time a lot of countries might have accepted it as a legal tender and an honored currency, replacing the original edict and This will be what we call the future of the new plutocrat!